Windy City RE is a leader in Chicago real estate investment with expertise in buying, renovating, and selling apartment buildings. Windy City RE recently acquired approximately 1000 apartment units and around 40,000 square feet of prime retail in Chicagoland, valued at over $100 million.

The team at Windy City RE always strives to find the best opportunities to grow and has proven success since its start in 1998.

1326 N. Cleaver

13 Month Turnaround
34.50% Return. see more

2515 W. Cortland

14 Month Turnaround
42.43% Return. see more

1501-03 N. Sedgwick

14 Month Turnaround
75% Return. see more

1709 W. Augusta

9 Month Turnaround
46.26% Return. see more

4847 W. Berenice

19 Month Turnaround
75% Return. see more

945 W. Cullom

4 Month Turnaround
53% Return. see more

948 W. Willow

8 Month Turnaround
65.27% Return. see more

4824 W. Byron

17 Month Turnaround
69.10% Return. see more

1215 Melrose

14 Month Turnaround
43.19% Return. see more

1547 W. Wabansia

14 Month Turnaround
29.31%. see more

1114 W. Roscoe

5 Month Turnaround
47.83 Return. see more

Investment Opportunities

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22,500 Sq Ft of Commercial in South Loop
25,500 Sq Ft of Commercial in South Loop
4,125 Sq Ft of Commercial in South Loop
8,033 Sq Ft of Commercial in South Loop
75 Units & 37k Sq. Ft. in South Loop
70 Units in Mundelein, IL

About Us

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Windy City RE aims to generate the maximum amount of revenue for investors by adding value to property. Windy City RE works at a fast pace while delivering exceptional quality.

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The real estate market is constantly changing. Windy City RE has a history of success and adapts to changing conditions.

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Windy City RE is not a fund. Investors choose specific projects to invest in. Windy City RE operates almost entirely in-house from brokering to construction to property management.

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Projects are entirely open book to investors in addition to quarterly reports and dividends.

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Windy City RE has a team with an in-depth understanding of the real estate market and financing sources.

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Winy City RE has a growing team of dedicated experts in financing, real estate, and construction.

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Track Record

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1709 W. Augusta

9 Months - 46% Return

1326 N. Cleaver

13 Months - 34% Return

4824 W Byron

17 Months - 69% Return

948 W Willow

8 Months - 65% Return